Everything You Need to Know About Project Natal

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Everything You Need to Know About Project Natal

Post by Che Marungo on Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:22 pm

This E3 was packed with explosive news and announcements, from confirmation of the PSP Go and Sony's motion controls to the whispers of a new Metroid and Zelda. But one of the most startling may have been Microsoft's Project Natal.

On it's simplest level, Project Natal is a straight forward motion control for the Xbox 360, one that doesn't use a controller. But the technology can also be used to sign you into your 360 automatically, let you play classic 360 titles without a controller and even interact with a child-like, uncanny-free artificial intelligence.

Here's the complete breakdown of everything you need to know about the new technology:

Source; kotaku


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