Beyond Good & Evil 2 to be bigger, better ... more badass?

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 to be bigger, better ... more badass?

Post by Che Marungo on Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:08 pm

Developer Michel Ancel allegedly told that Beyond Good & Evil 2 would "be bigger, more immersive and include more investigations," directly challenging Cliffy B Young Clifford for the "Greatest Self-Promoter" award. In a video interview conducted last week, Ancel (again, allegedly -- all this stuff's in French!) talked about the current development process for BG&E2 (still in pre-production), the return of the first game's characters ("lots" will be returning), and the problems his development team had with the first game (PS2 "didn't live up to their expectations").

Confirming what we've heard before about the sequel, Ancel also apparently notes that the gameplay will be different this time around, as the team's looking for ways to distinguish it from the original. Though he didn't go into more detail (at least, as far as we know) regarding controls, we can't help but worry after what Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said last year. Interestingly, during the interview, the developer remained cagey regarding the possibility of a Wii version, though he apparently didn't deny the possibility of a port in the future.

source joystiq


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