Street Fighter 4 Reportedly Sells 86K on Day One in Japan

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Street Fighter 4 Reportedly Sells 86K on Day One in Japan

Post by S U IVI O on Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:28 am

Capcom says they've been "overwhelmed by demand," and are completely sold out.

Looks like Japanese gamers still have a lot of love for the original World Warriors. Reports are circulating that Street Fighter 4 has sold 86,000 copies in its first day of release in Japan, with Capcom themselves saying the game has completely sold out.

According to PS3Center, the first-day sales break down to 58,000 copies sold for the PlayStation 3, and 28,000 sold for the Xbox 360. Interestingly, Capcom themselves have stated that the "numbers being quoted some places are off based," but that the key point is that Street Fighter 4 "is not 'selling well' but is in fact SOLD OUT in Japan."

"There ARE no more copies to sell on the store shelves. I heard from [producer Yoshinori] Ono-san himself last night that Capcom has a few boxes left in the basement that they'll be sending out on Monday, but they were totally overwhelmed by the demand," the blog post reads. Looks like it'll be tough to find the game in Japan for a little while -- but it's kind of odd that Capcom would be caught so off-guard by the demand, isn't it?



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